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Hi Victoria. I asked this question at our previous studio but I will ask again as 14.5yo DS is on a different schedule. Here it is:

Mon 1.75 hours of exam work

Tues .5 private contemporary (lyrical) class, 1 hour group contemp

Wed 1.75 hours of exam work

Thurs - break day

Frid - break day

Sat classes from 10-4 including boys technique, open, stretch and condition, pas de deux and a classical performance group


I realise that these hours are not as high as many however DS attends school and is not free during the daytime. This is likely to change next year when we move and we will look for either full time or part time

dance program. What do you think?

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Thyme, it is not an optimal schedule, which you know. But, if that is all there is, what are your choices for this year? He has only two ballet classes during the week, both exam work. Are there no open classes on Thurs. and/or Fri.? It's good that there is a boy's class on Sat., but that day looks a bit overloaded to me.

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Thanks Victoria- yes there is an open class on Friday but he has found it hard to balance his homework demands when he increased his evenings. That would be the only non-exam ballet class during the week available to him.

Other kids who are home schooled do daytime classes but we haven't made that move for lots of reasons. Next year we will be looking at some changes which should change and result in a better spread across the week with more classes.

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What is done in an "exam class"? is it still barre and center work?

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Yes it is all the usual elements but the students are preparing for a syllabus exam. They learn set combinations so it is not variable like in an open class. By way of background, in order to do the exam at his level DS has to do the two exam classes each week in preparation.

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