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Yeah, Capezio has finally taken a big step for woman kind...


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The new leotards with the Bratek design...I have finally found something that works for a woman over forty who has had children!!! I purchased one at a local dance store. I got the other one for FREE on amazon.com using my Discover points. The only problem now is that I am having health issues. I am highly medicated and cannot drive to get to take class. As a teacher, I am supposed to begin my new teaching job in two weeks, but I may have to bow out at the last minute because I will not be able to make the 20 mile drive each way. Hate to have to leave an employer in such a situation at the last minute, but the situation is out of my control.


But MAJOR KUDOS TO CAPEZIO!!!! I am only a B cup, but I really need more than that shelf bra that is in most leotard styles. Now, how long until I will be able to try them out?????

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It's so vital that you take care of yourself first in this situation. Hang in there and before you know it you may be all better and able to drive and teach. For now, take the time to recover. Your leotard will be waiting!

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Well, I started teaching last Saturday. Things are really hard right now. Lots of lousy medical issues to deal with, but at least I got to take class myself last Monday and will be teaching again tomorrow. Just ordered another one of the Capezio brateks in a different color. I think these are going to work really well for me!!!:)

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I saw them, and they did look like such a good idea - kind of like an underwired swimming costume! I just wish they made them to accomodate those of us who have, more, ahem, 'substancial frontage!' I think their extra large is supposed to fit a C cup, which sadly, won't fit me....


I was having a similar conversation with other women at the adult 'summer intensive' I went to at the end of July and we think there is a gap in the market - dancewear for women who are built like women! Much as we'd all love to look like ballerinas, we don't - and that's fine, but there really is a lack of functional and pretty dancewear if you don't fit the traditional aesthetic, especially in the UK. It seems there is a bit more available across the pond. I think next year, we may end up going into business!



P.S. This is in no way meant to be offensive to those who are lucky enough to be able to wear what is already available - I'm just jealous!!

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I have found a few of them, and I LOVE them. But I agree, after two babies and being on medication that has made me gain 20 lbs over the last two years, at 5'3", the X-LG are even pretty snug on me(and most anyone who looks at me would consider me to be a "petite" woman by US standards). But I am thankful that they support what I have, and the padding in the front has taken care of a rather embarassing issue, if you catch my drift.

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ohhhhhhhhhhh.... I LOVE bratek. I have *ahem* 4 of them in various color. The ones with the x in the back is very pretty, but I have to admit I still can not figure out the side clips hihihi


The support is quite good for my 34D cups (I am 5'1 more or less) even in allegro. However, i really still cannot hide my cleavage, LOL. I tried to size up to L, but although the cup measurement is better than M (which is definitely too small for D cup!!) and fits the girls nicely, my cleavage is still up in the air, hahahaha


And I live in an Asian, moslem country....

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