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Absolute Beginner Classes in NYC

Holly Golightly

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Dear Board members,


I am looking for some opinions/advice about absolute beginner classes in NYC - Manhattan, ideally. I have seen a few listed at the different studios at different schools/ studios, but I'd like to hear from some of you about your first-hand experience - places and teachers you would recommend (or not), and why.


A friend of mine was looking into trying out ballet (male, late 30s, decent background in gymnastics and yoga, but hasn't trained in a while), and since I've never taken classes those levels I was not really sure which ones to recommend.


Thoughts? Thank you in advance :flowers: !

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When I visit NYC I usually go to Steps, and I try to fit in the beginner class taught by Kathy Sullivan. Ms Sullivan gives a lovely flowing class which is at a true Beginners level (I do it to get back to basics).


However, it's a drop in class, so if you've never done any ballet, you might look for a more structured course of classes, rather than drop in classes. A studio which runs this will ask you to sign up for a series of classes and you'll be taken through a structured curriculum, designed to introduce you to the basics of ballet in a progressive fashion.


Or some studios offer a basic ballet weekend, or week, for example.


From memory Joffrey runs a progressive syllabus. And I think Ballet East may do so. And Seps sometimes runs dance workshops, including those for absolute beginners.


The draw back is you generally have a fixed starting date, and need to pay for a term's worth of classes upfront. But I'd really recommend that option if you can find a studio you enjoy attending. I love the buzz of Steps, but it could be completely daunting for a beginner! On the other hand, you can peep in on amazing classes and dancers.


Good luck, and do report back on your adventures.

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