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Ballet Talk for Dancers

What would you do...?


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This one is a great resource for sorting out the legalities:


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firedragon, I think you will find your daughter does much better homeschooling. I would be very angry if I had received a letter like that. It doesn't sound to me that the Superintendent is interested in your daughter. It sounds more that they are more concerned with losing the federal money they receive from your daughter being in attendance!


I don't think you will have any more problems, but a wonderful group to join is HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). It is very inexpensive to join and it basically the main group that handles legal issues for homeschoolers.


Oops, I realized after I posted that Ms. Clara just posted the link for HSLDA. Sorry :blush: . We've been members of HSLDA for years and while we have never had to use their services, we know of many around the country who have. HSLDA is a fabulous group and well worth joining. If you are a member of a local homeschool group, you can get a discount on the membership, too.

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Thanks Clara76 and TwelthNight and everyone else. I am not the litigous sort and my answer is if they want square wheels, give them square wheels.This board is full of parents who care not only for their own kids, but for others as well. It is just disheartening that people who have the responsibility of shaping young minds don't take the ideal that no matter what the child's ability we all benefit from knowing their triumphs and struggles and making it our own. I went to a high school where the deaf were fully matriculated into our high school and I learned alot from kids that had major disabilities and to them we were disadvantaged cause we were missing out their perspective.

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I realize it's been a few months since your post, but I wanted to answer your question:

I would absolutely homeschool. As many others have said, there are many tennis players, figure skaters, gymnasts, etc. that get time off. I can't imagine why you would accept any less for dance.


One thing I have noticed is that high schools are much more likely to "get it" than middle schools.


Also, there is some prejudice in academia against dance, especially ballet. It's possible your superintendent just doesn't "like" dance and is just trying to get you out of the school.


Good luck

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Adam12, Well after the last four months of homeschooling, so far so good. I have to say it was a really good decision. My dd has taken to it extremely well, and feels that she is learning more than she would have had she stayed in public school, and our school district is one that is regarded as in the top 20 in the US.


Her anxiety and stress level are non-existent, she laughs jokes, dances and ballet has really benefitted as well. What a huge advantage it is to homeschool, and overall it has exceeded everyone's expectations.

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