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Lost a lot over the summer


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I didn't take summer classes this year. :( But I continued to stretch!


My classes started again Wednesday and it seems like I have lost everything. :yucky: Which makes me really sad, because I worked hard to get what I had last year. I have lost some of my turnout, that's not the main issue, flexibility, height (height of my leg, not height of "me"), and things like that.


I was having trouble with my turnout in plies. I seemed to be doing that thing where my knees go forward instead of sideways and my hips go back instead of forward? I don't know, I remember it sounding something like that. It took me a couple times to correct it. I'm really discouraged, because plies are usually an easy thing for me to do whilst having good technique.


Went to the center and I can't hold anything longer than 2-4 seconds without it dropping height in a few inches. My flexibility seemed fine when I was stretching over the summer, but I guess not in class. And it's weird, because I have a lot of muscle in my legs.


How do I come back from this? And why would it be this way? :pinch:

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Of course you feel that way- you were not dancing at all during the summer. That part is normal. How you handle it will be a test. Patience is your lesson. It will come back, little by little, and you will be fine, however, this is the exact reason why we do recommend some sort of summer programs along with some pick-up classes here and there to be able to maintain most of your muscle memory.

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