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19 hours ago, Salmonpoint said:

 She says that the standard should go public soon.


My daughter heard about this standard for what should be in a video submission directly from her company's AD recently. That's the only place I heard about this until now. It seems that some will begin adopting it this year. 

I think it will save some stress and time for dancers. I don't see the travel part going away from the company audition season. It seems to me that the places dd was most interested in looked at her packet (video, photos, cover letter) and then invited her to come in person. I think this just helps streamline the "application" process but the "interview" is what will seal the deal (continuing the comparison to college applications). 

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I do agree, the video format for an invitation to audition could be uniform. There actually is no such thing as an application to audition. If they are agreeing on a video, I can agree to making that uniform in terms of content, not combinations or steps.

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