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Hair elastics and thick hair


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Does anyone have any recommendations for strong hair elastics? DD currently uses the thick ones from Goody or Scunci (sp?) without a metal connector. Her hair is VERY thick and they generally break when she tries to pull her hair into a ponytail. She also has to use 2-3 of them at a time in her hair. They tend to break at the connection point. Maybe a brand that has the metal connector would hold better -? Today we saw Bunheads brand elastics at the dancewear store (no metal), but they didn't look any stronger.

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My DD uses the Goody no-slip hair elastics that have kind of a rubber piece going through them so they don't slip. But I think she still uses a couple at a time.

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I'm not the dancer, my daughter is, but I'm the one with super thick hair. I do a couple of things.. one - straightening my hair with a flat iron makes it obviously flatter, but easier to get into an elastic. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to do that every day, but maybe you she could go a few days in between washing?

But my favorite hair elastics are Goody, but really hard to find. They are round and ribbed, hold very well, and don't break or stretch out. I buy them when I find them.

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Have you ever tried to use old tights? Cut across the tights to make a continuous loop. It might lose it 'stretchiness' after awhile though.

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DD and I both have very thick hair. Something which has worked for us both to make our hair easier to manage and much easier for DD to put her hair into a neat bun (emphasis on neat!) is to have our hair "thinned" by our hairdresser. It is done using special scissors and reduces the bulk of the hair.

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Can you do two smaller pony tails (very close to each other) and hide the fact that there are two under her bun?

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We do a two section pony to distribute the weight of the hair better. I put the front/top part of my daughter's hair in a "princesess" with one elastic and then have her hold that part out of the way. I then comb up the bottom half of her hair, combine it with the princess section, and put another elastic around both sections. There is less sliding out and less breakage this way.

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My kids have occasionally used the elastic headbands as a substitute hair elastic in a pinch (they have the "nonslip" strip in them). I wonder if those would work. You'd have to either double one up before wrapping it around the ponytail, or if her hair is thick enough,I would think you could just use it like an extra big elastic...

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I have found that for my DD's thick, wavy, flyaway hair the best ponytail is held by a piece of 6mm braided elastic - cut about 25cm then tie a secure knot. Not the prettiest but it is always hidden by the bun. Please excuse my metric measurements, I think the width is about 3/8" and length about 8 inches. A secure ponytail is the key to a good bun in our experience.

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Thank you all for so many great suggestions!! I will talk them over with my DD to see what she wants to try.

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Hi, I'm new and a parent of a tiny dancer younger than 13 but I know a thing or two about thick hair. For years and years, I couldn't find a way to put my hair up without it falling apart in less than 30 minutes but a hairstylist taught me this trick and it is almost miraculous.


Here is what you do:


1) tie two pieces of hair elastics together so you have two loops


2) put a bobby pin on each end of the loop; at this point what you have looks like this except the two circles would be connected:




3) stick one pin into the root of the ponytail and then wrap the tied elastics around the ponytail


4) stick the other end bobby pin


This method holds my hair tight and secure for 12+ hours. :) I do get a massive headache but that's because my hair weighs about 10+ pounds.

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