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Getting over your box in tendus


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A new thing I'm seeing is people doing tendus devant and a la seconde and being able to get all the way over their box. It completes the line and looks so good! But I can't get completely pver when I try. Is it more winging or general ankle flexibility? This is the only picture I could find on google to describe what I'm talking about.


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Good for you for paying attention and noticing! Yes, your feet and ankles should be completely stretched and fully articulated, as well as shaped into the correct pointed position. I can't compare what is happening in the photos to what you are doing, because I can't see your feet, but as a general rule, most dancers can work more on how their feet should correctly articulate.


This link may help:

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Hmmmmmm.... I wonder how those dancers will be able to move off of their legs quickly? Their weight is evenly distributed between both legs, so while it may make for a unique picture, I'm not sure how practical it will be for actually dancing.


I think it is good to work on feet, ankles, and legs, but not at the expense of clean technique.

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I never even considered that! If you went all the way over your box in fast tendus, you would probably be moving your hips a lot more to adjust because the weight is evenly distributed!

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