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Unitard or Tights for Performance ?


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I was just wondering what thoughts are as to which to wear Tights or a Unitard for a performance ? I have heard pluses for both from a couple of different guys who have done performances , One says definitely unitard as hold in place better, even if you have elastic shoulder straps sewn onto tights, another has told me that with unitard tend to get the "unibutt" look and hard to get them "into place" at the rear.


With my first matter weeks away now wondering which is best to go for, or try each at dress rehearsal maybe and see then ?



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Was looking at unitards for class myself for that very reason. However, decided to go for tights and just get an elastic tie cord from some old running pants to keep them in place. Thing with a unitard is I noticed they usually don't have feet, so check with those in charge of the show if that's ok, perhaps.

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I have seen them with feet, never used before always tights for class and used elastic "home made belt" on them, wondering if would show rolled down though if tunic is fairly short

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I have seen "tall tights" that come up to the chest, so maybe they're designed for performance. Maybe won't show if where you roll them over is high enough. There's some Sansha tights with straps that might be what you're looking for. I don't have the link but google "Sansha London" and you might be able to find them.

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Thanks will have a look, getting Wear Moi at present tried capezio when first started but found the "fit" on dance belts and tights not that good, so move to Wear Moi their sizing fits me perfect

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Had a look on sansha web site Older Ballet Boy, they have some showing with what they have thin straps, will try a pair as need another pair for rehearsals anyway - thanks

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It really depends on what you are wearing on top. If the top will show off your chest, go for tights.


A unitard is much more snug than tights, but will look sloppy if the fit is a bit off. If a Unitard does not have a back seam, you will get the Uni-butt effect.


I've also seen male costumes where a custom unitard with cap sleeves were needed, the top had a bare neck and shoulder line.


You can move or remove elastic suspenders from a pair of tights, can't do that with a Uni.

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I bought a pair of Sansha Signature tights, and put on my own suspenders, the fit was really nice and the material is opaque. The grey did not match their grey canvas shoes, so i used a fabric spray paint and they match perfectly.

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