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Ballet kept me sane


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Hello everyone,


After lurking around for months on the sidelines, I finally registered to be a member of this forum. I just want to thank everyone for sharing helpful tips and information, especially with regards to increasing and maintaining flexibility and strength in this aging body. :happy:


This year has been exceptionally tough for me, despite having just finished grad school with highest honors etc, many career opportunities diminished. Suddenly I found myself without a job (and a desired career path) for an extended period of time. I love whatever I was doing, and I was ready to sacrifice everything to pursue this dream career of mine. In fact, I even made a life-changing decision to move across the Pacific to pursue this dream. I was devastated. I had invested so much (years of taking time off work, $$$, being away from family etc) yet there was no returns in sight.


Thankfully, I rediscovered ballet just in time before I fall into the pit of depression. Having danced for many years well into my teens, with my last serious ballet class possibly 15+ years ago, I was eager to put on those ballet slippers again! So far, ballet kept me grounded. It gave me a routine that I so crave. I am physically fitter and healthier. I am noticeably happier and have more energy to tackle alternative career paths. I impatiently count the number of days between my classes, and obsessively look up ballet videos on YouTube. Oh, and this forum too. LOL.


I stepped back into the studio just to get myself moving, but it looks like I have fallen head over heels in love with ballet all over again. And thanks to this wonderful forum and the members, I have learned to be more careful with my body this time round, and just keep on dancing! :)



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I'm so happy for you that ballet allowed you to escape from your problems and kept you sane - it does that. I know that I always feel a different person after I've done class and I know that it's the same for many of my students. One girl, whose parents went through a very difficult divorce, told me years later that it was her ballet classes that allowed her to escape from reality and get through that difficult period.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, mrstrong_ballet, and sincere thanks for sharing your inspiring story.


I'm glad you found us, and I hope that you find lots of camaraderie and useful information here, particularly in the Adult Ballet Students fora.

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I agree. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. I hope things workout for you. I also agree ballet has the ability to help one escape into classes and keep you sane. I am going through a rough situation myself so I can empathize for what you are going through. Sometimes, it is the only thing that is keeping me sane. I am a totally different person after class than I am before. If I start the class stressed, the stress is gone by end of class.

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For me, ballet = best. therapy. ever. :) I'm so glad it has this power for others as well.

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

Hello and welcome.

I am only new here too


Your story was an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. .

Ballet has been my therapy too.


Hope to meet you here again soon.

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Welcome! :)


And I agree, ballet is the best therapy ever. It keeps me sane too, so I know how you feel! Thank you for sharing your story.

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Welcome. I had a similar experience. I had stopped dancing for years. I live in New York City, and a friend of mine who teaches at a pre-pro school in Florida was visiting New York. She said "You are miserable. You just aren't the same person since you stopped dancing. Let's go take a class". I hadn't danced in about 10 years. I was resistant, but she insisted. I walked into the studio and realized I was "home". I started with one or two classes per week. That increased to five to seven classes per week. Then the offers to sub for teachers started, and now...six years later, I have a busy teaching schedule at three wonderful studios and a conservatory. I would have never expected it. NEVER.


Welcome back to Ballet and welcome to this website!



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Thank you all for sharing your stories, I am heartened to know that ballet has helped so many folks. It should be listed as a therapy! LOL.

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There is a song from the musical "A Chorus Line" I think it is called At the Ballet.


Two woman sing about unhappy childhoods and how thru dancing they found structure and peace. My Husband knows first hand what my family is like (crazy, selfish) and he asked me the other day how I survived my childhood without becoming self destructive. I said one word BALLET. I explained that I started at age 4 and it was long before I was in class 6 days a week often for hours as I had Techinique, Reportoire and Point Work.


Dancing gave me joy, but as a childhood student it is takes a lot of work and focus to achieve proper technique. But when you hard work pays off and you have the freedom to dance as opposed to just performing steps - any unhappiness in your life is washed away.

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Gazelle, I'm sorry to hear about your childhood, but thankfully there's ballet! And yes, it's really hard to think about anything else when you're so busy figuring out the combinations and remembering all the proper placements :)

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Having been off the board for several months, I'm catching up and have just seen this thread for the first time. mrstrong_ballet, I am so glad you re-discovered your passion. I hope both that it continues to sustain you when other things have gone sideways and that things are looking up, or start to soon, with your new career path!

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All your messages above show that ballet is a tremendous instrument for our well being, not only physical, but also mental and psychological well being.

Ballet is also an art, we can express oneself with music. we can forget our daily problems for a while. Ballet helps us just feeling better in all respects.

But it requires discipline and regular work. Even if we are not good at it, it still helps us, gives us pleasure too.


I am so happy that I started again ballet classes four years ago after having practiced other sports and giving up ballet classes for two decades...

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Finding dance, and the love for it, helped me survive and begin again if you will...Its an amazing art, that I'm very thankful to have found...It in my opinion is the best therapy around.

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Just a comment on the song "At the Ballet" that Gazelle mentioned. One of my first paid dancing jobs was in a production of A Chorus Line. There is a moment in that song when the lights come up behind the women singing, revealing ballet dancers. I will never forget the feeling of lifting this beautiful girl over my head on a big swell of the music. It still gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes as I write this post, nearly thirty years later. I can't believe that I left ballet for over ten years. WHAT WAS I THINKING? So greatful to be back, to be teaching, and for the sanity it brings me.

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