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Should I make my daughter quit ballet for better grades at school?


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My 14 year old daughter started ballet 3 years ago. She's now just begun pointe and is in Grade 6. However, her grades have taken a turn for the worse. I'm pretty sure it's not because of ballet though because I caught her when she was 14 in her room at nighttime on Skye chatting with her overseas friend. She has definitely stopped skyping her friend since then and her test grades have improved considerably (only As with a few Bs now) but her report grades are nowhere near what she should be getting since she is studying until 12am every night. Most teachers say that it's because of her inability to ask questions to her teachers in class but she says that she does participate in a . Should I stop her ballet classes until her IGCSE exams are over? She really loves ballet and I always see her trying hard to keep improving...I'm conflicted. Please give me an opinion?

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if the drop and then subsequent rise in grades has to do with nighttime Skyping/Internet stuff as you indicate in your post, why take away the ballet? What does her inability to ask questions in class have to do with taking away what she loves? I'm sorry-I don't see the relationship between the two.

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From what you say about the teacher comments, it sounds like she has issues besides not having time to complete the homework. It would make sense to consider pulling back on dance if she is trying hard to keep up, but can't, this sounds like she has other issues besides time management.

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Guest tiptoemom

My daughter is 13. We do not allow tv's or computers in the bedroom. iPhone charges overnight on the kitchen counter. She is allowed to read before bed, to encourage good sleeping habits. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on why she needs to be up until 12 am on a regular bases doing homework? Does she need to organize herself better?

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yes kellyballetviolin - I was going to say the same thing. If you are indeed the parent you need to be signing in on your own account.


Can you please clarify for us?


Thank you.


mom2 and moderating team

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Why is she up until 12 am studying? That in itself could cause grades to slip. It's called lack of sleep! Teenagers need more sleep than adults. As a teacher, I never recommend that parents take the activity away that they love for school. That's just asking for a kid to shut down or rebel. A's and B's are NOT bad grades. They are above average.

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