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What do you think of supplementing ballet with ballroom?


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There is a reputable ballroom school within a few miles of our home. DD primary focus is ballet, but I was wondering if there would be any harm to supplement with a few ballroom classes.

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I don't see any harm in that at all, Clpretzel. :)

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Our DS does it, he started from ballroom, then added ballet. We have had a few glitches here and there, but in general we found that it helped him a lot, to be able to dance both. In addition to all other things, ballroom will give your child to perform in front of the crowd more frequently, helping to raise her confidence, which is a big plus in itself. Also, she will improve her partnering skills.

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In American Got Talent, you could see little kids younger than 10 are doing partnering dance all the times. I am curious if anyone has an opinion on ballroom technique that can be beneficial to a solo dancer? Also, is the partnering technique in ballroom dance similar to classical ballet or they are very different? On surface, it appears men always try to support women?

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Ballroom is a couples dance, so I would suggest to try to look for a partner if ballroom is your style of choice. There are options to dance with a teacher or professional dancer, however. In International ballroom (vs. american style) there are no lifts allowed. Boy-partners are to lead and support their girls most of the time. Girls are to trust and listen to their partners and allow them to lead. I'd say that partnering is very different in ballroom.

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I think it appears ballroom dancers has much more facial expression than ballet performers, but upper body (back&shoulder) seems to be in similar posiiton as in ballet?

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It is more expressive (although when our DS starts a new level or more difficult choreography, he looks very serious :blink: ). The upper body - yes, and ballet helped DS to improve his posture tremendously, but in Latin the hips have to move a lot, which is very different from ballet.

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I know almost nothing about partnering in ballet, I learn as DS is progressing :)

You are right, of course, I just didn't want to get into too much details, since the original question was not about partnering.

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Ballroom is a great supplement to ballet!!

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