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SAB year round auditions


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I looked online at the SAB auditions and I saw that the only audition date for 11-18 year olds is September 3rd? Is this true or have they just not posted the other ones yet? Can I audition for it while I audition for the SI? Thanks :)

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Primaballerina37, I think you will need to contact SAB for that information. Are you talking about audition for next year's year round program?

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Primaballerina37, this audition on September 3rd is for the Winter Term only. If you would like to audition for the summer course you can only do that in Januray when Summer Course auditions are held. Unfortunately you cannot audition for both at once. Hope this helps!

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Well I can't make the September 3rd audition so is there any other way I can audition? And also if I audition for the summer, if I do we'll at that audition is it possible they would ask me about auditioning for the year or do they only do ask you to the year from the summer intensive?

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