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The rigours of partnering and lifts


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Well goes to show that partnering and lifts is NOT EASY ! and takes a lot of time and practice, and has to be done correctly with expert tuition and even then does not always go to plan ! During our rehearsal last night, on one practice lift, was not 100% balanced and ended up pulling a muscle in my lower back , luckily not to bad I am told, so no more lifts for a few days, just some light exercises to see if helps and try to keep it supple and at least some movement in it.



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Take care of that lower back! I didn't years ago after a lift went bad and still have problems with the muscles on and off thirty years later. Now days I work on the abs to help keep the lower back strong, didn't have an idea that I need to years ago.

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Thanks Kini, ,


Just goes to show how easy it is to do, just 1 foot not quite positioned correctly, slightly off balance. Also more importantly shows maybe how you need a lot of your muscles , that for other things never get used and the importance to exercise in the right way to keep supple etc

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