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Can you please evaluate this schedule?


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I also have a question. I am still very new to ballet, that is why I would appreciate any input. Does this schedule look good for a 12 yo boy?


Mon - 2 hr ballet class (includes stretch, barre, center and some male technique)

Tue - 2 hr ballet class

Wed - 2 hr ballroom

Thurs - 2 hr ballet class

Fri - 1.5 hr modern

Sat - rest

Sun - 1.5 ballet class + 2 hr ballroom (there will be an hour break between these two)


There may be another, male technique class, added later on, but most likely it will be added as some extra time to every ballet class.


Thank you!

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It's a lot, but it is all good. As long as he is happy with it, and doing well, I think it is fine. :)

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Thank you, Victoria. He is asking for more ballet, but I think it is plenty for the second year of regular ballet studies :).

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Hello, my 12 yo DD is just starting pointe this week after 2+ years of training in pre-professional program (4 years prior training in recreational program). Please evaluate her schedule:


Monday: 1.5hrs tech; up to 30 minutes pointe (increasing time increments over the next few months)

Tuesday: 1.5hrs tech

Wednesday: 1.5hrs tech, 1 hours pilates

Thursday: 1.5hrs tech

Friday: 1 hr pilates, 30 minutes pointe

Saturday: 1.5hr tech (lower level), 1.5hr tech (on level)


Thanks so much!

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MBdancers, The schedule is good except that I don't understand the Friday with no tech. class but a 30 minute pointe following a Pilates class? That is just quite strange. Is it a private lesson for pointe?

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Thank you for your input! Regarding the pointe class following Pilates. That seemed odd to me as well. Since they are just starting pointe, my understanding is that they will warm up for 30 minutes and then spend only 5 minutes en pointe at first. This will gradually increase over time and the Pilates class will be changed to a full tech class with 15-30 minutes of pointe at the end. There is a lower level tech class offered at the same time as Pilates. Perhaps she should take that instead to ensure she is fully warmed up prior to going en pointe?

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With students new to pointe it takes them about ten minutes to put on their pointe shoes! So, they do a short barre, put on shoes, and then very little pointe. That is fine, really, because, in the beginning they don't do anything in the pointe shoes but basically hold the barre and learn how to stand up on the platform of the shoes, I understand now what they are doing and I think it's fine. :)

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