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Recently I've noticed that when doing ballet I keep a lot of my weight on my heels. It hasn't affected my balance but my heels have been hurting a small bit after class and I know it's not correct. I was just wondering how I could correct this? I have tried keeping my weight more over the ###### of my feet but then it feels like I can't control the hip of my working leg. I desperately need help! Thank you!!

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Emmy, having too much weight in the heels is a bad thing in many ways. It is inefficient, for one thing, as when you are in your heels you are not ready to move. Also, the weight of the body is pushing down into the legs instead of lifting off of them. You will not be able to transfer weight quickly from one foot to another, and let's face it, ballet is dance, and dance is about moving from one foot to another and one place to another. Too much weight in the heels and your body weight is behind your feet and does not allow quick and fluid movement. How do you think you would execute a promenade in the center adage, for example, if your weight was in your heels?


So, here is the thing...you know what is wrong, fix it! Move your weight more towards two thirds of it on the forward part of the foot, and one third on the back. :)

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Thank you for you reply, I wish I had your brain Ms. Leigh! I've been doing combinations now with more weight on the ###### of my feet but I've found I've lost a lot of my turnout. Also, I know the glutes and inner thighs, but what other turnout muscles should I be feeling? Also, when in the centre I've found I'm leaning over my supporting leg so much that when I do rond de jambe a terre for example, it looks quite bad. How can I fix this??

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Sounds like you are either too far forward, or actually leaning, which is never a good thing!


Don't forget that your turnout is caused by rotating your legs from the hips, and that will not happen if you are not properly place both in terms of alignment and weight placement, no matter what "turnout muscles" you are using. Using the tops of the thighs in the back, the glutes, and the inner thighs are all a part of it, but it takes the other things in play to make them work!

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Thank you so much. Just wondering though if you could maybe find a picture or something of what the supporting leg should look like when weight is dispersed correctly? Also how can I correct this leaning??

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Emmy, leaning is leaning. You do it or you don't, and the idea is to remain primarily vertical. That is up to you to correct!


When weight is dispersed correctly you are always ready to move. It involves NO leaning, just moving the weight of the body. Ballet is dance, and dance is movement from one foot to another and one place to another. If your body weight is back, there will not be a readiness to move without a move of weight in order to move, and this is very inefficient. I don't have any photos that I know of to show,

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