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Fantastic Austin!


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I'm coming to the US! Austin in particular! I hope to have time to dance and that I'll run into some BT4D members there. I'll be premiering my film at an awesome film festival there (fantastic fest) and hope that BT4D Austinites will get to see it then maybe I'll run into them in class.


It could happen, I've already encountered one BT4D dancer accidentally and one intentionally!

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When I was in Austin working (it's one of my favourite US cities to visit) the last few times, I've attended Renata Sanford's classes at Tapestry studios. She teaches a wonderful Cecchetti class -- and it was Ms Sanford's energetic side-coaching in class that got me really moving with my brisés! She did great hands on corrections from my first class there, which really impressed me. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and mix of classes at the Tapestry studios.


I also attended some open adult classes at the Ballet Austin studios. It was a more formal atmosphere, and I had the added joy of peeking in on some of the pre-pro classes and seeing the lovely young dancers in training -- they are trained beautifully, from the tiny bits I saw. The teacher for the adult classes was a member of the company and gave a very gentle considered class with individual attetion, although not the level of correction I got at Tapestry.

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As for Tapestry, Im interested in trying a Cecchetti class. It will probably be massively frustrating and different for me, but it is always fun to get exposed to a new style (especially if the teacher is patient and open)! Thanks Redbookish! I really cannot wait to experience a small taste of some of the American ballet scene again, even if I will be there on a workation!

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Austin is such a lovely city (except between May & August when it's too hot for me). And there's lots of dance, particularly if you're there during the Ballet Austin season. I like the term "workation" -- that's what I do, and I'm very lucky that my job enables me to travel and work.

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Message me if you make it up to Fort Worth.. :) Actually message me as I have a ballet friend in Austin I can put you in touch with if you need to find classes.

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I sent a pm! Wish you could meet up in Austin. We've been interacting online for what seems like forever it seems! :)

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I haven't visited Ballet Talk in a while, thank you for reaching out to me, Appleblossom and LaFilleSylphide.


Tapestry has two chechetti classes during the week taught by Renata. They are pretty beginner.


Slavin Nadal teaches Vagonova style.


Ballet Austin teaches it's own strange mix of Balanchine, and is my favorite studio because of the wide open space, a live pianist.


All three have drop-in classes.

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I'm super eager to try slavin nadal and ballet Austin. I just took a class at Sacramento ballet again, and the teacher was very Balanchine and very open about my epaulment and ports de bras looking ridiculous (according to her imitations of me). It was fun kinda, and I'm so sore I can barely handle stairs. I'm so outta shape!

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You guys! I got to meet the lovely Ripresa! We'll be dancing open class style at ballet Austin tomorrow. Updates to follow.

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I've met so many Ballet Talk members through the Sun King Dance Camp, but this is the first time I met someone from Ballet Talk outside of dance camp, and LaFilleSylphide is super sweet, and talented, her movie was so well done. Bravo!

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:( we didn't get to dance, but we partied and took red carpet photos. Good times.
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