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Trying to Understand Coppelia


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DD's company is performing Coppelia. DD is dancing in Waltz of the Hours and Mazurda. I've watched the Bolshoi version, and several of the dances on YouTube. I've also read the storyline, but I can't figure out which dance is in which act. I guess it will all unfold as I see it, but I'm curious, and I've googled to no avail. Can anyone give me a simple order of things (in particular the order of the dances/variations)?

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Mazurka is a Polish character dance and occurs in Act I. Dance of the Hours is in Act III.

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I believe the Bolshoi reconstruction is on Youtube with both Alexandrova and Osipova. It is an excellent production, and I recommend watching it!

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Is Dance of the Hours the prayer dance? Or is that a different one?

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