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Is it appropriate to ask to do pointe?


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Since returning to pointe, I have made a very quick comeback and am almost able to do all of class en pointe, something I am very excited about! However, I recently changed studios for conveience and financial reasons and really enjoy the studio. It gies me options to also branch out into contemporary and modern dance, something I have always wanted to try. The teaching is good and the teacher is well qualified, however it's not as "strict" as a studio as far as dance goes and is a little more recreational than my previous studio. I am in the second-to-most advanced class, and I enjoy the class, I like the pace and I fit in fine. I cannot take the more advanced classes just due to scheduling. However, pointe is not done in every class and when pointe is done, it's like beginning pointe. I realize this may not be the "best" dance school, but I am a college student and I am looking more for something to do recreationally so this studio fits fine for what my goals are. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working on technique, however I don't want to be "held back" if you will. I would like to be doing at least barre in pointe and some center so I can continue to gain strength en pointe, but I am afraid to ask. Would it be appropriate to ask to do pointe barre and center?





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I'd say, that you can always ask, as long as you can live with the answer "no". As a teacher I would be completely fine with a student asking to wear pointe shoes in my class, if they are techincally read and okay with it. Actually I would perfer being asked before than just a student appearing with pointes.

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From my understanding, teachers are usually okay with adult students wearing pointe shoes for technique class as long as they are technically strong enough to. I always ask my teachers beforehand as a gesture of respect and courtesy. But again, it is not the most ideal way to practice pointework.

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I agree it's fine to ask respectfully and see what they say. But... as has been discussed in other threads (and is noted above), this is not the ideal way to study pointe. So if the school's not offering you the pointe classes you want at your level, it doesn't actually sound to me like this school fits what your goals are. Food for thought.

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There is a dancer in my class in the big city who always wears pointe shoes. She is by far the worst dancer in class, Teacher has recommended no pointe shoes at Barre and she (the teacher) has personally asked the dancer to not wear pointe shoes.

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Just thought I would given an update-

I decided this studio was not a match for me. I found another studio that offers specific pointe classes at different levels (even an adult pointe class!!) and one thing I really admired, they REQUIRED that to be in a pointe class, you must be attending 2+ technique classes a week.

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Wow, that's great to hear that you found a school that offers what you want. It speaks for the quality of the school that they require two technique classes a week for the pointe class.

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A dancer needs to be strong enough to take pointe, It is a good policy to insist dancers take several ballet classes in Ballet Flats in order to get and maintain foot strength.

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I would require a minimum of 3 technique classes per week to allow a student in pointe classes.

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