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Issues with slippery floors


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Grandad dancer

Living in a semi rural are, I take class in church halls, scout huts etc. Dancing on different surfaces is just another complexity to deal with. The real problem is slippy or sticky patches on the floor.

Having nearly turned my ankle doing tendu to second when the ball of my foot stopped dead but my leg carried on, I check the floor carefully now.

Not all patches are easily seen. The trick is to get low to the ground and examine the reflection of a light or window on the surface. You can then pick up patches not visible otherwise. 

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that can indeed be treacherous, if the floor is uneven in it's condition. A good idea for looking for problems to get down low and examine the way light reflects on the surface! 



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Grandad dancer

Hi Diane. Glad you liked the  tip.When I studied illumination for biomicroscopy it was called specular reflection. 

I  note you have a female name and are a mother yet your gender is male? Is that correct? 

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Moderator's hat on:     The recent upgrade monkeyed with folks profiles in terms of gender. Male is the default.  You can edit your own profile to correct it. 

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