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A schedule question- taking lower level classes to work on technique


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My DD has started her first year at a pre pro school. Last year she took 3 ballet classes and 2 pointe, the teaching was somewhat erratic. Prior to that she had sporadic ballet as a supplement to another activity. So, she needs to polish and work on the little things. Her studio said she can and should take a lower level class to do that, but the only one that doesn't conflict with the classes for her level is right before her level class. Is this too much in one day? The lower level is one hour fifteen minutes, her class is 2 hours (30 minutes pointe). Should she take only the lower level class that day, or is both ok? I know she will not want to miss her level class, but she also wants to take lower level class to work on small things, which she struggles with the most. The only way to do that is back to back classes, though.


Any advice, wise parents and teachers? She is 12, and the back to back classes is one day a week. Other days the schedules conflict.

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Could she perhaps miss the last 15 minutes of the lower level class to have a break and something to eat?


It would probably be better if the lower level was after her own level so that she would have more energy for it but its obviously not!


We do have children taking classes back to back at my studio though the classes are usually shorter and sometimes a different technique. You could perhaps try it for a couple of weeks to see how it goes?

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My 10 year old daughter is out right now, taking 1015-1130 lower level class, assisting with level one "babies" 1130-1230, and then taking her level class 1230-1400 (2PM). She did something every similar last year as well, when she was 9 years old. I pack her a banana, give her a "ballet breakfast" in the morning (a slice of sausage, egg, piece of toasted bread, tea with milk and sugar, and I will break out more food if she is hungry! - my kid is only 10 and small for her age, you may need to feed yours more, no worries they work it off in class). It works out fine second year running. You would never want your little girl to be over-tired or injured, so I would have her try it a couple of times before making anything resembling a commitment (everyone's body, endurance, need to eat, etc are different - ballet is not a sprint race, we are all in it for the long haul presumably). That said, two classes back-to-back for a total of 3.5 hours does not sound outright impossible. Summer intensives often offer such stretch of class twice a day, before and after lunch. Best wishes!

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She should be fine. My DD, 12, dances 6 days and for two of them she has tech 1.5 followed immediately by pointe 1.5. So far, so good this year, but she has been dancing a six day schedule for over a year now. Good luck!

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Thank you all! She does have longer days when she has ballet and other genres, but for some reason back to back ballet seems different. I am very clueless and rather than bug her teachers would prefer to ask the knowledgeable folk here.


She did it for the first time day, and said "it wasn't very fun but it worked on all my bad things, so it's important". I'm impressed she is willing to work so hard, especially since even a year ago ballet was not something she enjoyed, at all.

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Dd (12 today, yay!) is currently taking a lower level class/week, right after her regular ballet class. She discussed it with the teacher of the lower level and has permission to grab a quick snack if she needs to and join the class 5-10 min late. In your case, I would probably ask to leave the lower level class 5min early for a quick snack/bathroom break.

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My DD took a lower level class right before her level last year and it worked fine. The first was two hours (DD left 30 minutes early to grab a snack) and her level class was 1.5 hours. I would monitor the situation to make sure your DD doesn't get overworked. In our situation, it helped DD "go back to basics" so to speak and make sure she was putting in the effort to do everything 110 percent.

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