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Nutcracker Wishes!


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Okay so, I REALLY REALLY want Clara in our Nutcracker.See, while most studio's Clara only acts, in our studio , you have to be the strongest dancer due to advanced solo after solo! Also, Nutcracker is double cast at my studio, which means I have two chances. It would mean the world and more if I got Clara. however, my studio is like one big family, so if I don't get it, one of my bestfriends will:( casting goes up in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Although my dance teachers have been hinting that I will get it, I still want to impress them into casting me as Clara. How can I do this???????? Thanks darlings! :gossip:

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You've put it out there in the universe- now, let it go......if it is all meant to be that Clara is a role for you now, then so it shall be. If it is not meant to be that Clara is a role for you now, then so shall that be.


Whatever the casting, you will survive and you will learn, and you will improve. :)

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Clara 76 - Thanks for the great advice! Im praying i'll get it , but if I don't, i know its not the end of the world:):)

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Exactly!!!!! "Oh the sun will come out, tomorrow! Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!

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