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Pointe is painful


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I have recently started pointe and when I go up I feel a lot of pain during the class, I know this isn't unusual but later on I also have a lot of pain in my toes. Also the next day my legs feel weak and it bit numb. Is my body just getting used to doing pointe or am I doing something wrong?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, CatieDance!


I moved your post from Pointe Shoe Topics to here on the Young Dancers forum because I think it may or may not be a shoe issue. Or, it could be a shoe issue but other things too. First though, since you are brand new here, we need a good bit more information. How old are you? How long have you studied ballet (not counting anything prior to age 7) ? How many classes a week do you take, and how long are your classes? Do you have good placement and rotation? Strong legs and flexible but strong feet? Were you fitted by an experienced pointe shoe fitter and the shoes approved by your teacher?

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