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Pointe technique question


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I started on pointe just over a month ago, currently doing a half hour a week after my Tuesday class - and it's awesome!


After a bit of experimentation, I settled on 'happy toes' padding, which are gel, but the least bulky of those I've seen, in my freeds, which are breaking in, and starting to feel a bit easier.


What I have discovered, however, having started using the happy toes (which just cover the tips and dorsal side of the toes, so nothing underneath) is that the fourth toe on my left foot is constantly trying to 'grip.' I have tapered feet, I don't curl or scrunch my toes, although the 3rd, 4th and 5th have a natural slight 'curve' downward to them, and I can't actually really move my toes inside my shoes, so I'm not really sure how this is possible! I did tell my teacher about it, and she's suggested a few exercises and concentrating on keeping my toes 'long,' but its hard to know how to stop doing something when you are not really sure how you are doing it!


It's much harder than other bits I've discovered I'm not so good at - focusing on keeping the core strong, not having the most flexible ankles so that I struggle to really get over in second (echappes are particularly entertaining, but my teacher says they are getting better and will come in time......)


I just really don't want to end up with a fundamental technique problem right at the very beginning which messes everything up! Now that I have actually stood en point at the bar, and done rises, releves and echappes AND we were even taking hands just off the bar last week, (surprisingly tricky, even when you've concentrated hard on keeping a very light grip!) I'd quite like to keep learning more.


:flowers: Slowly, obviously........Anyone have any words of wisdom?!

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I'd have to see pics of your bare feet pointing to know what is going on.

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Ok - if I were to try and find a friend to take some for me, what pictures would you need? And would you need to see my feet in my shoes too?


Thanks Miss Clara!

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Do you like the happy toes? i've been wondering about that style of toe pads. So Danca do one too, does it move around at all in the shoe, or get scrunched or rolled up under the shoe? I'd be interested to hear your opinion on them.



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Hmmmm - well, speaking as a total novice, of course....


Last week, I wore the happy toes in class and they were brilliant. The downside of their not having any 'underneath,' however, is that it is difficult to make them sit in the the shoe right, and today, they were scrunching up and were not good at all.


I started off with pro pads, which didn't really do anything except cover the dorsal surface of my toes with a thin layer of material and gel, and I really only had the seam under the tips of my toes! My teacher suggested the Big Toe Socks,( which I think are also called gel tips?), which were very comfortable, but I found it a bit more difficult to balance because I could feel much less all together.


An old friend recommended trying the gel tips on my big toes, and then just covering with the toe of an old sock, which, seeing how expensive this 'experimentation' seems to be, I suspect will be my next option!


Weirdly, my toe seemed to be much clicking and not gripping so much today - guess it's way to early to be expecting continuity though! I have some more ankle exercises to do, and might just play it by ear for a bit. Six weeks is not a long time, and I probably need to be able to walk before I try running! IF that takes me a bit longer (or even a lot longer), so be it! :)

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Thanks. that's really helpful because I did wonder how they would go. I might stick to my eurotard pointe comforts for now. Pointe takes ages, stick with it. There will be days when it feels so right and others where you feel like you've gone 10 steps back. But the good outweighs the bad.

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Take a look at the pointe shoe forum guidelines for photos. They should suffice!

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