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Make dance not war


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I need to rant. For the very first time since I opened my school I have had to close for one day and cancel classes because of political unrest and mass protests challenging a disputed election win by the ruling party. Protests that ended with people getting shot by the police last night and barricades with razor wire preventing people from moving across the city.


I feel very frustrated because of this. I hate that I and our students are deprived of the opportunity to come to ballet class today. But we have to do this for safety reasons.


Can't people handle things peacefully? Sigh! I hope this ends soon and and that nobody else has to die needlessly. This is so sad.


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Da Pixie--- Yes, take care and I'm sure there is great hope that things can get back to normal for you very soon! in addition to all the other things ballet practitioners -- students as well as teachers -- have to contend with......... This is not an obstacle to ballet study that one could imagine. I will say a peace and ballet prayer for you tonight ---

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Thinking of you.

You are right, why can't people just get along and get on with it?

Take care.



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That sounds not only frustrating, but very scary to me! Stay safe DaPixie.

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Guest Pas de Quoi



What you are doing is the best possible thing one can do. Dance and all the arts have the power to elevate us to our best possible selves. I hope you can stay safe, and plan for the day when you can again take up your very important work in this chaotic world.

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Thanks for all your thoughts.


The three-day mass protests have ended, so we are reopening today. The city seems calm again, but the security barricades and razor-wire installations set up around Phnom Penh are still in place.

This is what Phnom Penh looked like Sunday night. :(

I think it scared people off that the police used electrified riot shields and were firing live ammunition into the crowds. I think people are slowly resigning themselves to the fact that the current government will remain in power regardless of the election results.


Anyhow, life has to go on. Thankfully all of our students and their families are safe. I expect to see everyone back in classes today.

On a brighter note, we are starting rehearsals for our December 7-8 triple bill performance, which is really nice.


I really hope there will be no more unrest.

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Amazing, DaPixie ---- the photo of police, etc.... It looks very scary and luckily all your students and their families are safe --- It's good to hear this at least! Thanks for letting us know!


It sounds as though the trauma has passed and you can get back to classes, then rehearsals....... Lovely. Hopefully if there were further unrest it would be far away, and not disruptive to you and your recently opened school! Best wishes ---

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

Thank you for sharing this story. And how you have been caught up in it all.


I can only imagine how scary it must have been.

We see these out rests on tv and you have captured how everyday lives are just affected by violent outbursts.


It's a Blessing that all the families are all ok and that you are able to reopen


Take care.

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My prayers and thoughts with you. My best friend has been an educator in Cambodia. In the villages mostly, working against the human trafficking trade. She has such a heart for your country. I showed her the picture you posted.

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Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. Much appreciated.


Classes went well. Everyone came back.

Today everything feels completely normal again in the city. I am so glad about that.

Appleblossom, When was your friend here? Phnom Penh is a small city and I know a lot of expats here. I wonder if I know her or the organisation she worked with.

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Sigh, things got violent and bloody again last night.


The parliament is supposed to open as I type this, but over half the MPs are boycotting it. According to the Cambodian constitution, the appointment of the new government and election of parliamentary leaders requires a quorum of 120 of 123 lawmakers. The ruling party that claims to have won the election says they will be sworn in regardless of constitution and regardless of being the only ones in the house today. They even say that they have the right to take the seats of any elected lawmakers who don't show at the swearing in ceremony.


We're closed for a whole week next week as we have public holidays and our own mid-semester break, so I don't have to worry about our students' safety travelling to and from school if there is more violence, but I have no idea what's going to happen. I really hope this isn't going to be the start of civil war or a throwback to communist times.

Small anecdote: On Saturday morning I was correcting one of our pre ballet students' pliés in class - she was dropping into her pliés way too harshly, so I told her to show me control and make it one slow, smooth movement. The 7-year-old stopped to think and then said "Ms DaPixie, don't you think if all these people (the government and protesters) did ballet they wouldn't use so much violence?" I asked her why, and then she said "Because they would have to learn to exercise so much self-control? Maybe we should try to get them to come to class."

I wanted to cry and hug her.

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Oh my gosh!! I am weeping. I cannot even fathom what you experience in your country. You are bringing beauty out of ashes. appleblossom - love the mary mary quote - I danced to that song many years ago. praying for you and your country.

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Lady Elle, The other song of theirs that I keep close to my heart is "I just can't give up now, I've come so far from where I started from.... nobody told me the road would be easy"... so relevant for both faith and ballet, especially for an adult ballet dancer who's joined a pre-pro program. :) (and even more so for our friend DaPixie in Cambodia)


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