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How do you get through a wall?


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My arabesque will barely go to ninety degree angle, I can't beat on my left side, and I have been really hoping I would get triple pirouettes by now. My jumps in center get me out of breath and I just feel sluggish over all. It's my senior year and I feel panicked to really improve because I feel the only thing out for me is to dance and I want to start applying for summer intensives next year... How do you punch through these walls? I am thinking I should change my every other daily exercise (which is normally leg lifts, abs, and thera band flexing). What are some other workouts ballerinas do? Any advice at all would be helpful

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KeepCalmAndDanceOn, what you need to do is keep calm and dance on. You are a very late starter in terms of serious classical training, and ballet is a long and very slow process. You cannot make things happen over night. The answer is only more training, and giving yourself the time to catch up. You can't rush it. It won't work. Get the best possible training you can find, and the most classes that you can get, and just keep working. Do not make comparisons, as they are odious. Quality and quantity of training, combined with talent, passion, focus, and work ethic are the only way to get there. Do not focus on numbers of turns or tricks, focus on technique. It takes time, and you have not had enough time yet. Do the auditions for summer and see what happens. It may be difficult, because they will expect a lot of dancers your age, but hang in there and keep working, and realize it will take longer for you because you have not had the long and consistent training.

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