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Film: Am I the only one to have missed TuTu Much?

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Victoria Leigh

It looks to me like it might better be called tootoomuch. :o Just like looking at the cover of a book that you just know is not one you want too read.

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The movie is about a Royal Winnepeg Ballet S.I featuring girls who are hoping to be asked to stay year round. It came out in 2010 (only at a few select film festivals and children's film festivals, so I am sure most of the world missed it, though it won a few awards.) I think the DVD was released in 2011. That trailer is old and doesn't mean 12 Nov 2013.


It's not on Netflix streaming or Amazon, if you are looking for it there.

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I had looked for in on amazon.com, and it said the DVD would be released in the US on November 12, 2013.

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Thanks for checking. All I saw was a book. You tube shows the DVD was released in 2011 but your info is probably more accurate as I didnt search that hard. The movie is over 3 yrs old though.

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I was surprised that it came out in 2010. Guess there wasn't a huge demand for the DVD if it's just being released now!

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With all the ballet programming out, e.g., First Position, Breaking Pointe, Bunheads, Dance Academy, etc, I feel like I've already seen TuTu Much.

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oooh I so want to see it. Darn we have hulu not netflix and its not on hulu.

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I have seen it and would say it is a documentary as opposed to a "reality show" production. To be clear - that's a recommendation.


I recall reading an interview with one of the people involved in making this. She said she had gone into it expecting to find (and looking for) stereotypical stage mums pushing their kids. Six months or so into it, having failed in this quest, she concluded that professional training was so hard that the only kids who could do it were the ones who really wanted to do it!

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I haven't seen the full film, but it was based on the footage from the 3-part "Ballet Girls" which was shown on tv here in Canada. My dd was a student at the school at the time.


Didn't realize it was coming on Netflix - will have to check it out. I've wondered what was different - assume they used some footage that didn't make the cut in "Ballet Girls."


There wasn't a great deal of footage of parents in either "Ballet Girls" or the later "Ballet High" - very unlike something like Dance Moms, so I'd agree with the statement that it's more like a documentary than a reality show but again I've not seen the full film yet.


Thanks for the heads up!

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I saw some episodes of "Ballet Girls" and really enjoyed it, although at the time I had no idea we'd be embarking on this crazy journey ourselves!


I will look out for it on Netflix. I am sure dd will enjoy it!

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I would love to see it. My daughter spent one summer at the RWB and we had 3 audition experiences with them. She loved her audition experiences and the summer intensive experience and it would be neat to see how it compared to our experience. Thanks for bringing up the topic!

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