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Film: Am I the only one to have missed TuTu Much?

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It's possible this teacher was not at the SI audition(s), and was not part of the decision to accept that particular dancer. Also, the unfortunate reality is, SIs are typically operated as fundraisers for schools and/or companies. These girls and their families all knew, or should have known, that the SI accepts more dancers than are actually accepted to the year round program. I'm not defending the teacher, because the delivery probably could have been less blunt. But personally, if my dd didn't have specific attributes necessary for a dance career, I would rather she knew about it sooner rather than later.

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Don't forget that this was a movie with a Director and Producer who cut clips and put them together to make what we see. We do not know if the teacher continued to speak to the child and/or her parents or not.

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It's been a while since I watched the movie - and it is more distilled than the TV series which it is related to (Ballet Girls and Ballet High).


I remember in Ballet Girls (where we saw young students auditioning for the summer program, then again during summer for year-round), staff said that they will sometimes accept a student for the summer to see if there is potential growth to accept for year-round. I also think that they were trying to give objective information to the parent and child about why the child wasn't accepted for the year. No matter how you slice it, it's uncomfortable when you are hearing that "we aren't taking you/your child." It is also quite difficult to hear that you are being assessed out after being at the school (well, any school for that matter) for a year or more.

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My main point of my recent post was to challenge the idea that "Russian teachers say things like that" was being stated as an absolute truth, when in fact, it is NOT beholden to ballet teachers who grew up in Russia, do we understand now?

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