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Finally a good school!


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I 'm so happy I just have to share here as I know you guys will understand.


I moved back to Belgium from London this summer and that means back to dancer's no man's land. Most schools are not good or they offer no decent adult classes, especially not for a dancer who takes it seriously. In August I took class from a local teacher at the Antwerp Royal Ballet School's summer intensive. I looked up her school, as I really enjoyed her class. They just moved into a new building, an old industrial building with now 3 large studios, sprung floors with marley, movable bars, everything. Even grand pianos and a lounge area with a bar where they sell fairtrade and organic snacks and drinks, right down to homemade soup! I tried their intermediate adult class tonight. Even though the class was rather on the easy and slow side for me, it was 2 hours long and the teacher was really good. She gave really good corrections, one correction turned my single piqué turns into clean doubles. I'm not sure I'll enroll for that class, as it was on the easy side. The AD offered to let me take the teens class as it is harder, and to try the advanced jazz (2 hour class again!). They are also going to have open classes for (semi) professionals, an unknown thing here! The AD is just so welcoming and the atmosphere is amazing. I can't believe I have really found this place! After years of being frustrated with the dance training in this rather large city, and being even more frustrated after a year of really good classes in London, now I have found a place where I can keep working on my skills until I find a job in musical theatre. Happy girl!!

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I'm happy for you, and hope you soon find a job in musical theatre! :flowers:


Can you please pm me the name of that school? I'm always looking for some good classes that fit in my schedule...

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Great! I wish I could find such a thing in my area! I can feel your pain about not finding good classes because at home in Switzerland I am in the same situation. I wish there would be someone like this teacher around here. I found a two hour class too but it is with a contemporary company and I am just allowed to take one class a week with them.

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Fantastic news! I hope you find something soon. Could you PM me the name of the school too?

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Great to hear! :-)


I'd be happy to get more info on the school too as one of my adult students will be moving to Belgium after a year at our school and was asking me if I knew of any schools there that takes adults seriously.

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