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Sickling in pirrouette


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For the most part, I have very nice feet and never sickle. However, I've noticed when doing pirouettes or pique turns, the foot that comes to the knee feels like it may be slickling a little bit. I noticed it the most on pirouette an devant (is that corrent? Like an "inside" pirrouette?"

Is this a common problem that's easy to fix? Any advice would be helpful, thank you.

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Pirouette en dedans is more likely to have a sickled foot because the foot is moving forward to the knee. If this is not done maintaining the rotation and shape of the foot, one can easily lead with the toes and creat a sickle. A foot can, of course sickle in any of the turns, therefore one needs to practice the action of getting from the fourth position to the pirouette position without turning until they can do it correctly. I have my students practice in front of the mirror by making the relevé just turn the corner so that they can see their foot as it moves to the position. It's not an easy fix if one has been doing it incorrectly for a long time, just like anything else that has to be re-taught instead of learned correctly at the beginning.

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