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DD not very excited about being chosen for a special role


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My 11 yo DD just started at a new ballet school, it is much bigger than her old school and she likes it there a lot. There are about 30 girls in her class. They have a performance coming up the end of next month. I found out that my DD was one of only 4 girls in her class chosen for a dance. She will also be in a dance that her whole class is doing. When I asked my DD if she was happy that she was chosen, she said "Yeah, sure" but doesn't seem so excited as I thought she would. She has always loved performances and being on stage. Although her old school had a lot fewer students, my DD had never been singled out to do a special role and she was always disappointed when she wasn't. Now that there are a lot more students that she was up against, she was chosen for a special role and she's not excited. I'm way more excited for this than she is! Has anyone ever had an experience like this with their child?

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I will just relate dds experience, not sure if its helpful.


She desperately wanted snow or flowers, a dancing role...she got lead chinese, due to the ability to tumble and do contortion. She got hurt, so no nutcracker at all.


New pre pro school, she desperately wants a solo role of any kind, since the competition is stiffer, and suddenly a tumbling chinese role would be awesome, lol. She gets lots of roles, all dancing roles, (what she pined for, remember) and now is worried she will forget a role, she cant do it.


Basically, it appears my child will never be happy with casting for nutcraker. So, whatever, she is a perfectionist who changes goals every 7.8 seconds. Perhaps others are too. Just smile, nod, be supportive, amd hang on for the ride!

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When our Nutcracker casting came out this week, one of DD's friends said of her part, "That is the worst role for me!" Even though it is the exact part that this girl wanted last year but didn't get (she was an understudy last year). Fortunately she said it to DD in private and not in the hearing of the AD.


It's probably not uncommon for someone to be disappointed in getting a role that would have pleased them just a year or so before. That doesn't excuse having a bad attitude (referring to our friend, not your dd). Perhaps your daughter's excitement will grow as the performance approaches.

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And sometimes, children worry about not meeting a parental expectation or an imagined expectation. Since it's a new school, just be there for her as you always are, and she'll work it out. :wink:

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