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I have two dancers, a son(16) and a daughte (13) who have been dancing at the same studio for seven years. There are a few very good pre professional training programs in the area. Of course we feel ours is the best, which is why we are here. There is a major world renown company with a pre professional school within 45 minutes of us. The professional company school requires auditions to be accepted at the levels my dancers are in. Both my dancers have attended SI there.


I am not quite ready for my daughter to face the pressures and competitiveness at 13, to leave her current studio for the professional company and school. I'd like to keep my son and daughter in the same program for at least 1 more year. However, I can not afford to keep both my dancers dancing, given tuition incrases as they have advanced through the levels. My son is 16 and while there are a handful of upcoming boys that are 6 to 12, he is the only young man capable of partnering and being featured in the performances in partnering and as a lead. We have been struggling to keep our dancers in the prgrams they're in as it is. However, this year is a big challenge for us and we don't see much of an imprvement in our financial situation over the next few years.


At what point is it appropriate to start seeking full scholarships for male dancers? If his current sudio hasn't offered this by now, I doubt a full scholarship will be offered. Has anyone been in the position of having to ask for a greater schoalrship? If so, how would you reccomend I approach the topic? We are considering just audtioning for various programs near by and seeing what they will offer.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Ask! Especially since you have more than one dancer. Some places give a discount for the second dancer in a family. I only have experience at a handful of studios (three of them "pre-professional"), but they were all different. At our first, nothing was offered (and we weren't there long enough that I asked!). At the next one, there was a set scholarship schedule - all boys got a certain percentage off of the tuition depending on what level they were. At our current studio, nothing was volunteered, but I asked and we received a partial.

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I agree with librarygirl. You should let the school know your situation. I would think that they would be willing to work something out for you. My son has received a full tuition scholarship at his previous school, and now at his current school we are paying 50% tuition. I was upfront from the beginning with both schools about my financial situation. I feel so thankful that the school's have been so generous. Without the scholarships my son wouldn't be able to do what he loves.

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Thanks for your input "librarygirl". My son is recieving 50% scholarship and my daughter a 15% sibling discount. The school has been quite generous. I am very grateful. However, the economy has affected our ability to increase our income, while the kids dance tuition has tripled through the years as thier training level and days per week have increased.

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We have run the gamut from "Boys are free!" to "Boys? Eh, keep on writing that check..." I think you can't lose a thing by asking, especially as you've been at that studio for so long and they'll know you aren't just "shopping." The worst case is that they say no and you've lost nothing.

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dancingboymom and huckleberrydog thanks also for your feedback on this topic.I've read somewhere that boys with good technique and training should be on full scholarship by 14. good way to keep those boys dancing. funny thing, my son asked at 14 for a break to go back to soccer. We encouraged him to stick with dance and if schedule permitted he could play recreational soccer. anyhow, he stuck to it. 2 years later he is so glad we kept him danicng. Opportunities are opening up for him and he's starting to realize his potential and is extremely happy dancing.

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Wow. My experience here in Australia is soo different. I don't know if anyone would be brave enough to ask for a discount because their dancer is a boy. Lucky you! I wonder if I am just being too shy or have other Australians had a different experience?

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I would love to ask for discount due to our current financial situation, but I am pretty sure the answer will be no... But our studio is a new one, I don't think they have enough funds to help out anyway.

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As dancers progress and show promise and potential, it is quite common to recieve either financial or merit scholarships. I am grateful for the merit scholarships my children have recieved on occasion, and also the 50% scholarship my son continues to recieve. Boys do recieve scholarships more often than girls.Our school is fairly well established, has a great reputation, and my children have been committed dancers for seven years. I think they'd rather have me make the request, than have my son leave the studio for a better scholarship offer. I was just wondering how others went about asking for financial asistance. I have never had to ask and don't like the idea of asking either. At SI's they offer merit scholarships as well as financial aid. My son is at the age and physical development and technical ability where he will be sought after and offered scholarships by the new year, in either residential programs or schools of professional companies. Moving on may be our only option to keep him dancing. However, I think his home school would prefer "right of first refusal". I'd love to hear from ballet teacher's or school directors on how a parent can approach the sensitive matter when finances are tight.

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Our school offers both merit and financial need scholarships. Unfortunately DS does not qualify for either and it can be hard sometimes. Parents must ask to be considered for financial need scholarships and be willing to provide tax returns and other documents to substantiate the need.

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Single mom of 4 kids here - 3 dancers with one of them a boy. I don't know of any studios in our area that would give anyone a 100% scholarship. The kids and I clean the studio from top to bottom every week for significantly discounted tuition. It's a lot of hard work, but worth it. My kids' teacher has been extremely generous to us when we needed it the most - I will be forever grateful to them. I have also bartered sewing/costuming skills in exchange of not having to pay performance fees to a show they wanted to be in. The kids and I give up a lot for my son to go away in the summer for training. Even though he's been on scholarship, we still have to come up with money for flights and food for him. At 16, your son could get a part time job to help defray the dance costs as well. Professional dancers don't get paid much so it would be to his advantage to learn now how to juggle a second job, so to speak. My son freelances web design work to earn his own spending money.

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