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Sore/Strained Hip Flexors?


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This week was my first week back. I'm now dancing 5 days a week, 2-3 hours each day. This Sunday, I got super sore in my hip flexors. I've overstretched them before, and my PT told me they were strained. It felt like a more snapping feeling, and they pinched every time I lifted my leg an inch off the floor back when they were strained. Now, they are extremely sore, but this has never happened to me before! It feels just like a strain only without the snapping. It feels good if I roll them out/ stretch a little, but is this normal? I don't have issues with gripping and my core must be somewhat strong because I have a weekly pilates class. What should I do to heal and prevent this from happening again?

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Swan, we are not doctors here. If you are injured then you really need to see a physician. Most likely you just over worked the first week, and they are sore, but we can't know that. If not better after a couple of days rest, then see your doctor.


I'm going to have to close this topic, as we cannot give medical advice here.

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