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Hi all!


My friends and I were wondering if anyone knows of a summer ballet intensive that is tailored to the more mature dancer. We are interested in intermediate to advanced level classes. Most of the programs I have read about are for younger dancers that are required to submit audition tapes. We went one year to Richmond, Virginia (SunKing Dance) and it was fun, but there was a focus on a performance at the end of the week. We would just like to take classes and enjoy ourselves while also growing as dancers. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I'm assuming you're based in the US? (this is an international site)


There have been a number of suggestions, and posts about other SIs for adults. Check the Sticky at the top of this and the other Adult Students' forum -- from memory there have been Adult SIs in Boston, London (which may not be of use to you!) as well as ideas from posters who've put together their own SI from a week of taking class with a greater intensity than usual.

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Boston Ballet School did one this year i think it was nightly classes for 2weeks. Check their website for details. Texas Ballet Theatre school ran an adults program over the summer which was basically more classes so a chance to dance almost every day. Not an intensive as such but it was good. If you happen to fancy a trip to Australia the Sydney Ballet Intensive is excellent and very technique based rather than perfomance focused. Plus they start with warmup and finish with stretch class - i wish my regular ballet school did that.

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