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Last nights rehearsal for the performance we have coming up in about 4 weeks, we did in costume, I could not believe the difference wearing a tunic makes ! normally just have lose T shirt for classes and previous rehearsals, which allows you easy arms movements etc, totally the opposite when in costume have to say !, even though it is a near perfect fit, your arms movements it seems are more restricted also we did a few lifts that to seems to be harder as well !


Think may have to wear a more "fitted" shirt or something to get used the more "restricted" movement


Was talking to another after you ahs done performances before, he says used get used to wearing them, just like you do tights - guess he is right !



Like all in Ballet the more you progress do different things the more you learn and find out !

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I've had costumes where I could not:


Raise my arms above my shoulders


bend over


breathe deeply


wiggle my toes.


You try the clothes on for 20-30 seconds and the tailors attempt to make adjustments.


You rarely get to rehearse until dress rehearsal.


Boots rarely fit well, you make do and hope they are not too tight or lose.


I once wore a Renaissance costume and the tights were a little too small, extra elastic to keep them usp weighed down my shoulders, and the heavily embroidered tunic fel like 30 pounds on my shoulders.



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Seems lucky it is not a bad fit then !


It is made from like a velvet material fairly heavy, biggest problem is with any lifts, just seems cant get the "flow in moment" with it, ah well have to get used to it I guess !


For tights then will be my own so hopefully no problem with those ! and its juts ballet slippers (I think !)


Not worn white tights before, just been black and grey for classes etc , they certainly "show off" legs muscles and rear etc etc , more than the other colours do. Guess one of reason mainly used for performances to "show off" the male physic

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I hate wearing 2 pairs of white tights. They're hot and less flexible. Some brands are less see-thru than others, so if you can find some, you can get by with one. Unfortunately, the Capezios I found that fit the bill have been discontinued. Good luck.

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Yes tried, but not for me, so will be only one pair come Next weekend when performance is , Got some Sansha ones to wear, normally have Wear Moi but wanted some with shoulder straps on and only "off shelf" ones could find here, and took some finding as well, seem to fit.

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