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Can I still learn to dance at 24


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Im fixing to be 24 and want to know if its not to late for me to relearn how to dance. I use to dance when I was 13 and stopped for family reasons. Also I am a little over weight and 5'4, so I dont know if that will make it harder.

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Nothing worth doing is easy! I took a good amount of time off dance from about 18 to 23 and went back. It took some time to get back in shape but the muscle memory was still there and I found my adult brain was able to better focus and pick up new things. Just go into it knowing it will be a challenge but that it will get easier.


Also, try finding a recreational studio where the environment is casual and there are other people your age.


Exercise is addictive and doing something you love is too. Once you get into a routine with it you will wish you had class everyday! Do it for you and no one else and you can't loose:)

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I stopped when I was 8, and went back at 28. I've worked from beginners into more advanced classes and just got my first pair of point shoes! I am 5'10" and a bit larger than I'd like to be too I don't know if that makes it harder, I'm lucky to have a great adult studio with lots of other people of all shapes and sizes - one of the best things about learning as an adult is that it really doesn't matter what your body type is. We're all just there because we love it, and there is no criticism or pressure to conform to any kind of aesthetic.


Go for it - it's way more fun than the gym! :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, nhawley. Glad you found us!


It's never to late to learn ballet. I do class with women in their late 60s and one of my current teachers is heading for 70. It'll take time, but it's a beautiful art to learn.

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All I can add to the answers given before me is an unqualified YES!

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Well I am 49 and never danced a day in my life! I am learning (sort of kind of :) I guess it depends on what you mean 'to learn'?

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If you do a search you will find lots of posts about starting late, so no matter your age you can do it. Dance is sorta like language. The earlier you begin, the easier it is. But that's irrelevant. The main thing is to enjoy what you do and to improve.


I'd urge you to dance as much as you can, take as many classes as you can and above all be patient and persistent. Find pleasure in learning. Develop an interest in all the arts--music, visual, theater, and dance. That will help your dancing in the long run.


Weight? It's irrelevant for the adult dancer.

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nhawley112, 5'4" is a great height! And please don't let weight hold you back! Adult dancers come in all shapes and sizes. The thing that's important is if you want to dance, you dance!


Twenty-four is still young. I know someone who started at your age after she'd just had her first child. When I met her three years later, I thought she'd been dancing since she was a girl, and that she'd gone to a good ballet school. I was so wrong; she'd just always wanted to and never had a chance 'til then, so she watched ballet on TV/DVD, and started taking classes, and she was -- and is -- a lovely dancer.


mamabee -- The short answer is yes, it's possible. It is absolutely possible. Assuming you have the kind of feet that arch that way. Some people's feet do not. :(

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It's worth reading through the "Facts of Life about Pointe Work" sticky in the Pointe section of the board. It has a lot of information about how to become "pointe ready."


But my view (I know I'm in a minority here!) is that I'd rather see good clean technique in all areas of dance on flat, than wobbly not-quite-secure sketchy work in pointe shoes. For me, the test is how well one can do petit allegro in pointe shoes!

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I really like the thoughts of these posts on its never too late to get dancing. Can I mention a lil' clarification? Well for me personally I have extra weight in my core midsection from being pregnant for almost two years. So with more mid core strength and less to carry around, I am sure to jump easier wtith less stress on my feet during center work in (slippers.) i am so greatful for my good health, and my beautiful family. My teacher is wonderful and she believes in me, and she actually thanked me! -for coming to class last week. Yes, Its nice that dance is for everyone!

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mammabee - I did! After two years classes, I did my first pointe class on my 30th birthday. I am still wobbling away at the barre, and may never make it into centre - who knows? I don't have the best feet, but I wanted to try, and I had a teacher who wanted a bunch of us to have a go. It was something I didnt even think about when i first took class, but when given the opportunity - why not?!

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