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Clarification about training guidelines, please?


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I'm very familiar with the sticky about training guidelines by Clara76, and find it very useful! However, the wording used in the sticky for each age group is "at least....such and such number of classes/hours per week...etc). I interpret that to mean that these are minimum requirements. However, I noticed that, on the Parents of 13+ Dancers board, Ms. Victoria thinks that the schedule for a 13 year old, which does not seem excessive according to the guidelines, may be too much. I'm wondering if these guidelines are truly minimums?

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I understand your confusion there, amsunshine. The guidelines basically indicate the ideal for an on-track pre-pro student, but there are considerations to be made in terms of each individual student. I felt that with the small size of the child, and the fact that she is getting tired and not getting enough sleep, that 5 days would be better for her right at this time. Six days is a lot for a 13 year old who is not home schooled. Part of that consideration is the number of hours each day. She has 2 full classes a day, 4 of those days plus a private on one of the 6 days. If the child is strong enough, not in a growth spurt, and thriving on 6 days with that schedule, it might be fine. But it did not sound to me like she is quite ready for that much, and also needs a bit more homework time.

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Ok, I see!


So they are less of minimums, and more of ideal numbers, and then one needs to factor in individual considerations.


Thanks so much!

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