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Vaganova training in America


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Yes, I know that the title is a bit confusing, and I'm sorry but I didn't know what other title I could put and wasn't sure how to explain this topic but here is my question.


I'm a young ballet dancer in a professional ballet school where the teachers were strictly trained in Russia, had successful careers and now came to Canada to teach and give high quality, well trained, ballet education to aspiring ballet dancers. The reason I emphasised on this all is because, I am very serious about a professional ballet career, I take many hours a week and private lessons from time to time, and this studio really brought Vaganova training from Russia, here, which I am very thankful for.


My only concern is that yes, Russian ballet and training is amazing and even though there is only a small percentage of dancers who make it into companies, I still want to pursue this, I am worried that if I was good enough to go and even audition for some of the American companies, it would just be a totally different situation since I am trained Vaganova, and most of America is Balanchine and other styles. Would this hold me back?


My question is not that the Vaganova training will hold me back because Russian training is what pushes dancers forward, my question is will it be a whole different situation, style of dance or will the companies only want Balanchine, RAD, etc.....?

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The companies are looking for well trained, talented young dancer. A good Vaganova school will produce company ready dancers, as will other methods. I do not think this is a concern for you. :)

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