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Right School / enough training?


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After reading a few other posts, can some one help answer a few questions.


1. My DD13 school states it is a pre-professional company.

2. They have a 3 level company housed and performs 2 shows (nutcracker and story ballet) plus a ballet Gala each year. They also participate in RDA (Honor school).


She is in a mixed age group from 12-15. For the ballet company she dances: Tue & Thur- 6:45 -8:15 Tech, Pointe 8:15-9:15, plus Fri 4:30-7:30 tech and rehearsals. She will also be adding Sunday 2 hours for Nutcracker rehearsals.

3. Should she be dancing more Ballet/ Pointe?



For her diversity she has -1 hr Modern (Sat), 1.5hr Jazz (Tue), 1hr HipHop (Wed), and 1 hr tap (Thur)


If she her dream is to go Professional- Is this enough Ballet/ Pointe, or should I look else where?


She has completed 3 SI- 2 on scholarships in the past.





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It's okay, for now, but minimum, and by next year she really should have more technique and more pointe. Perhaps a bit less diversity, such as tap and hip hop. Jazz and modern are more important than those forms.

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Thanks Victoria Leigh. I will keep this in mind for next year. Might have to look else where due to the fact that unless she moves up this is the gist of classes she can choose from.


Can you tell me where on this site, I could look for schools that extend the training in the Houston, tX area? I know Houston Ballet, but are there any others?

Again Thanks.

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