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Change from Rec to Pre-pro


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DD, age 13, switched from a recreational program to a pre-pro program about a year ago. Last year was a little challenging adjustment wise as we tried to figure out the new school. This summer she went to a 6 week SI. She was somewhat behind for her age group as she didn't start ballet until age 10- and didn't start point until 12 and most of the kids at her pre-pro school started earlier. I recently got the chance to watch her in class and was really impressed by the progress I saw - she was much stronger and the gap with her classmates had closed considerably. I wanted to share for those parents thinking of making a switch from rec to pre-pro - its probably obvious - but the increased hours and the focus on a curriculum designed to create professional dancers really does make a difference.

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Victoria Leigh

Very happy to hear that has worked out so well, Clementine. :)

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