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Pointe for entire class


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My dd's academy hired a new AD last year. She has put all girls who are 10.5 and older in the same level and is starting them on pointe. The former AD had a more individal approach. I am concerned about this as the students have different amount of training, skill level.


I have read the sticky pointe thread on this website. Are there other correct methods of beginning pointe? Is pointe at the barre only acceptable for any student?


Also, last year my dd would take a technique class two levels lower. She said the two classes were identical in barre and combinations, but the upper level class was supposed to perform better. Is this proper training?





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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ruralmom!


Short answer, No, this is not proper training. Not in any sense of the above description. I don't have time right now to go into detail, as I am rushing, but my suggestion is to immediately find another school.

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Thanks for responding. I have lurked here for a while and learned much.


I think I knew that something didn't seem right with her classes.



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