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Flexibility/stretching help!


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Hi all! So I am 15, classical ballet, preproffesional dancer. I have been having trouble with my flexibility!. I have my left 8"over splits, my right splits are almost down, and my center splits are not very good. I have a goal to get all three splits down flat with a 10 inch over split on my left side. By thanksgiving. Any stretches for tight hip flexors? If anyone had a stretching routine I could do every night and morning that would be perfect! Thanks so much!!

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Balletgirlenpointe, since you are new here, I think you could benefit from spending some time reading existing topics. We have tons of information on this board, especially on this forum, about flexibility, about stretching, and about splits. One thing you will learn is that we do not allow people to provide stretches, as we believe those to be not only specific to individual needs, but requiring a teacher to show one exactly how to do any given stretch correctly and safely, and when to do it. You would also learn that the faculty here does not believe in over splits. Splits are not ballet. "Getting splits down flat..." is not at all what ballet is about. They are a stretch. That's it. That is their purpose. They are not even part of the ballet vocabulary. And OVER splits are unnecessary and unsafe. Period.


There is no fast track to achieving anything in ballet. It is a long, slow process, and requires ultimate time, patience, passion, common sense, talent, and great training. There is no other way. You cannot put a time limit on achieving flat splits or anything else. When you have the training, and have worked long enough and hard enough, in classes with very good teachers over a long period of time, there will be progress. :)

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