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Hi, I am currently in grade 5 and I looking at colleges for after school, (by the time I have left school I would have started pointe and be in grade 6) for one of the colleges they have said that you need to be at an intermediate level in ballet and pointe. I was curious to know what the grade equivalent would be for an RAD syllabus so I know what I need to be working towards? I'm also not sure what an intermediate level is and what it involves. Do you know of any extra classes I can take to help me to get to this level, or anything I should be doing now?


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Megan. :)


It would help us a lot in trying to help you if you knew more about you! How old are you? How many years of academic school do have left after this year before going to college? How many years have you studied ballet, not counting pre-ballet? How many classes a week do you attend and how long are the classes? Tell us about your whole schedule in dance, but make all the ballet and pointe hours clear.

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You say that it requires an Intermediate level. By that do you mean RAD Intermediate (the grade?)

Because if you do, after Grade 5/6 you can either do Higher Grades (7,8,9) or you can do Majors (Int. Foundation, Intermediate etc.)


However, if they just mean an intermediate level (and not the specific RAD level) then I would wait and see what Ms Leigh says :)

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Well I started ballet 8 months ago, take 2 classes a week, I have turned 15 recently, slim, tall (5'6), right ballet body, strong, flexible, I'm working towards my grade 5 and have not started pointe yet. The lessons are not professional classes or pre professional or anything like that which is something I am worried about and there about an hour, I'm really worried this is not enough, can you suggest I do anything, like take extra classes? etc.. I know what your probably thinking that I have started way too late to become a professional but I have had lots of positive feedback and my ballet teacher has said she has never had a student that has improved as much as I have. As well as my ballet classes I do extra theatre dance and stretch every night. I also do strengthening exercises around twice a week and I am quite strong now. I would be in grade 6 by the time I have left school as well as starting pointe (hopefully, anyway), the college doesn't specify what grade it just says intermediate? Thanks

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Megan, I seriously doubt that you will reach a solid Int. level in ballet with two hours a week of training. It's just not even close to enough. You need to be in a school that offers much more training, preferably 6 days a week, and the classes really need to be longer than an hour. A good solid technique class takes an hour and a half, minimum, and then, when you are on pointe, there would be pointe classes added. The RAD grades are probably not very relevant in terms of colleges, at least they are not here in the US. I'm not sure about in your location, but the fact that the one college stated Intermediate, as opposed to a grade level, would lead me to think that the grade level is not the criteria.

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Ok, do you know where I could take classes then, where they teach 6 days a week? I have looked but I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for (the proper names for this type of training? I live in Godlaming/Guilford area in England?

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Megan, I'm in the US, and I don't know that area. We have a lot of British people on the board, though, and maybe they can help you. Have you researched schools in your area? Are you near any major city? It may not be easy to find a pre-professional program where you could qualify with so little training, so getting more training as soon as you can would be very necessary in terms of even gaining admittance to serious ballet program. If your school does not offer more classes for you, then you might have to go to more than one school.


You might try posting a topic with a title of Serious Ballet School in Godlaming/Guilford, England area. Post it in Cross Talk, as it will receive attention from all members there. The parents and adult students cannot post here on the Young Dancer forum.

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