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Double Pirouettes


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What age do girls usually get them? What age is it required?


My daughter who is 10 cannot seem to get a double and it is really frustrating her.




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It's not an age thing, momtofour. It's a level thing, and depends a great deal on their training, in terms of how long they have studied ballet, and the quality and quantity of training. In order to do a good double pirouette one must first have a well centered, placed, rotated and controlled single. They need to be able to spot twice. They should be able to balance on demi pointe in the pirouette position for long enough to go around twice and finish with control. It takes time, patience, and of course a lot of good training. :)

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NOT AN EXPERT HERE!!!! LOL But, I have noticed that taller girls seem to have more of a challenge getting to the double than the tiny girls in my DD's (12year old) level. My own DD (who has technique 6 days a week for the last two years) mastered doubles only this past summer. She is one of the taller girls in her level. Ms. Leigh is ABSOLUTELY correct!

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Thanks! I will tell her to give it time, and with patience and hard work it will come. She has grown over 4 inches in less than a year!

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That kind of growth alone will upset the apple cart in terms of balance and stability and control, which all totally affect pirouettes! Sometimes we just need to wait out those growth spurts!

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