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I have pretty good extensions, but lately (since summer break) they haven't been doing as well. I think that I am using my hip flexors too much as they feel right and hurt a little bit. I know I should lift from underneath and use my core. I think that I lost some strength in my butt, and now I need to build it up again. What are some good exercises to help with that? It has really been bothering me and I appreciate the help!!

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Lower your legs for awhile until you regain the strength. It sounds like you lost some tone since summer break, so you will have to rebuild it. It will take roughly 3 times the amount of time you had off for it to improve, so if you were off for one week in the summer, it will take at least 3 weeks to regain the strength. Be patient. It will come back. :)


Meanwhile, if your hip flexors continue to bother you, it is probably time for a trip to the PT. They are equipped to offer exercises specific to your situation.

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