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Bolshoi's Swan Lake in Singapore


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The event is scheduled end November, But alas the tickets are almost sold out....


Anyone is planning to see it?

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I already got the tickets since 4 months ago!

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Got my tickets 4 months ago as well! Am returning back home immediately for it!


You might want to get your tickets soon. They only have the VIP box for sale.....

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oh no! I knew it too late and they only have VIP ticket for Thursday show, when I have an important meeting at work.


Please share your thoughts on it here after you watched it.... Let me live vicariously through you...

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Sorry for this super late post. I had the honour to watch David Hallberg. He was AMAZING. However, the local papers gave quite a negative review for the style. I agree that there were more dancing than acting in the Bolshoi's version. As for me, I thought it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and the precision of technique is unbelievable. Some of the audiences were sobbing through Act 4.


I am so glad that I came home for this. You might be interested in Stuttgart Ballet's Onegin which is coming to Singapore 31st October. I believe that this would be another good one since Onegin was first performed by the Stuttgart Ballet.

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  • 2 months later...

The Bolshoi Ballet were in Vancouver with their production of Swan Lake a year or two ago and it was SUBLIME!!!
Absolutely breath taking!!!
I would recomend to ANYONE!!!
If you have the Opportunity, don't miss out!

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