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Wear Moi apparel?


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Good Morning!


Have any of you tried the Wear Moi brand of apparel? I was looking at it on DiscountDancewear site. Looks nice, Prices good. I'm interested in the tights, dance belt, and leotard for men with dance belt built-in. I'm new to Ballet after 25 years away. Any help would be appreciated!



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Hi Dave62!

I can tell you I bought this brand for my daughter and it is very nice, very durable also. The only problem was the sizing seemed small, I had to order her a whole size up. Im not sure this is relevant to the adult sizing but just thought I would let you know!

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The grey tights look nice, but they are a cotton blend, which shows perspiration much more than Nylon.

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Hi Dave62


Yes I now wear all Wear Moi dance belt (wide one) tights (solo) and have leotard as well with dance belt built in (Milton style), used to use Capezio but changed earlier this year. I prefer the cotton based tights to nylon, as I tend to sweat more in Nylon. Wearing wise I find them very good fit (once you have sorted the sizing out). For class use both black and grey tights. All seem to be durable as well


Just bought 3 pair white Sansha as we have performance coming up in couple weeks time and wanted some with shoulder straps on, they seem only ones to do ready made. not used them as such yet only tried one pair on for fit (trying to keep them crisp and clean fro performance!)


Wear Moi would give 9 out of 10 overall

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The dance belts are nice. The T-shirt and belt combo work well. Take a look at the new Body wrapper M90 tights. Run true to size if not a bit big.

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Hey all,


Thanks for your input and reviews! Good to hear a variety of opinions. Most seem postive! SilverGrey, I will look at the bodywrapper tights also.

Thanks again.



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I use Tango for floor barre and Pilates, Omer and dance belt in ballet classes. I prefer cotton over microfiber when doing ballet, but for matwork microfiber is better because there's less friction.


Wear Moi is good.

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I bought a Wear Moi Ivan leotard fort he show we did a few weeks ago, so would like T shirt under tunic. Bought this as it has a really good built in dance belt, , more like a wear Moi Dance belt with attached T shirt, was really comfortable and did the job, only found one retailer in UK that has them, just ordered another !

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Dansair and Andrew,


Thanks for your reviews. Good to hear good feedback on this brand. Andrew, you said a while ago you bought the Sasha style with the straps, but had not worn them yet. Any thoughts on those? Have you tried them yet?


Thanks again,


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I've tried the WearMoi "Solo" style men's tights in black. comparing them with other types I've tried:

  • They feel more like soft cotton rather than slick nylon of M. Stevens. Not scratchy like Capezio MT11s.
  • They're not as stretchy as the nylon/spandex types. If they're sized properly they don't tend to creep.
  • They feel warmer than nylon/spandex, andt they breathe better.
  • They're not as opaque as some others, but not embarrassingly so.

I haven't tried their dance belts or other products.

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Yes worn those Sansha ones with straps for the performance we did, overall prefer the Wear Moi ones, they seem to fit a lot better and I find do not sweat as much in them, the Sansha ones are OK, fit was good and they stayed where supposed to be ! had Wear Moi Ivan under then as dance belt and T shirt to have to much sweat getting on show tunic, which worked ! For class etc I will stay with Wear Moi, for any other performances etc might do then, most likely be Sansha ones as cant find Wear Moi with shoulder straps.

Overall on tights Wear Moi get a 9 out of 10 from me Sansha 7.5

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