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I'm new here and i'm not young. :shhh: And, well, i'm not skinny any more.


I haven't been to class in 10 years.


EEK. Scared.


I want to wear trash bags for the first 3 months, but think this is a bad idea. I'm self conscious and can't picture a leo and tights. Anyone else out there with a less than perfect figure with ideas of what to wear?


Obviously, Black. Black everything except shoes.


Help! Am i crazy? I hope it's not too late....

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Hi Dutchlover!


I was new, definitely not young and skinny, and my last *serious* ballet class was almost 15 years ago. Eeeps.


Nonetheless, I took the plunge and wore a navy blue camisole leotard and pink tights to my first class. No leg warmers or sweaters or shorts to cover up. I wanted my first day back into ballet to be a serious one, and nothing shows seriousness more than proper attire. Everybody else in my class showed up in yoga pants or some variant of Lululemon outfits with a few like me in full on leotard and tights. As the class wore on, everyone had their focus on the instructor and themselves in the mirror. I find that no none really cares what you wear because everyone has their insecurities to fuss over than to notice someone else's.


That said, all black is definitely very safe, so I'd say, go for it!


Good luck and happy dancing!

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Thanks mrstrong i'll post after the first class if i can still move any part of my body LOL!

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Dutchlover, Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Really glad you found us. There's lots here to share & enjoy, and companionship along the journey of learning this wonderful art.


There are a lot of us who are grown up and have adult bodies, and who worry about that. But the lovely thing about ballet is that if you get the alignment and the line and the musicality right, the size of the body is the last thing that people notice.


Just enjoy your classes, and keep us up to date with how it goes.

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Folks around here wear sweatpants and yoga pants with leos or t-shirts, so while you may want to do that for a bit, I do advocate what mrstrong_ballet did, especially if you're the type who likes to "look the part" -- I feel like what I hear from folks who have done this over and over again is that it's really never as bad *after the first few minutes* as you think it will be!

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Teacher comment here. I teach adult beginners. I have a student who came back to class after many many years. She was "not young" and "not thin". She wore a black camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers...no cover up...and I LOVED her for it.

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There's one older lady in my class who wears very baggy clothes and I notice that much more than leotard wearers. How can my teacher tell if her legs are straight? I don't know, anyway I always I always admire those who wear uniform and I'm pretty sure everyone else does. If not I find black leggings and a small ish t shirt works fine.:)

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I started my first beginner class last month and a good number of people wore leotards and tights! All the older women (40+) wore them, along with a couple of the younger ones who had some ballet background. I don't really pay attention to their bodies per se; I actually think that looking the part makes them take it more seriously!

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Thanks for the thoughts everyone!


i made it through my first class !!!!! It was great. I loved it. Strangely enough, my feet and body "remembered" what to do - yet i was lacking the power. The next morning i though about ordering a wheel chair. LOL!


Here was the outfit i chose: Black fitted workout tank top/w/shelf bra, black leggings, Black 3/4 sleeve cotton fitted cotton tee. and of course, slippers. I felt like a whale of a girl, but told myself not to think bad thoughts, and just enjoy class. Am so glad i did it. Now i'm looking for a Saturday morning class so i can have 2 a week.


Lavande, i am a dedicated Dressage rider and so love my horses. The isolated movement requirements and solid core of ballet align nicely with Dressage. Rhythm is such a key part of life that it's hard for me to understand people who are not aware of this essential element of living. :)

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Guest Pas de Quoi

I take class with pros and ex-pros. What I see most is comfortable dancing clothes. That may mean leotard and yoga pants or even leotard, close fitting tee shirt and tights with a skirt, leg warmers, shorts, yoga pants etc. I feel it is the dancer who stands out - not what she is wearing. I teach adults. I don't care what they are wearing and I don't judge a person's ability, technique, level, or commitment by what that person is wearing.


Like many other teachers here, I'm sure, I've been told I have "x-ray vision" because I can see lines, muscle work, etc. even when a dancer is wearing looser fitting clothing (rather than just a leotard and tights). Whatever one wears should help that person feel comfortable and confident in the classroom. That may mean something other than leotard and tights.


One doesn't need to wear "black and pink" to be serious about the art form. Check out what a company class looks like. I would venture to guess these pros are serious about what they are doing http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+royal+balle+company+class&FORM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=932E6CB28EB2F149655C932E6CB28EB2F149655C


There are however, limits to what is considered comfortable and what is considered something other than that - I once took class in Los Angeles in which one dancer (and I use that word loosely) wore a shiny black unitard and a cape (yes, a cape). I could not understand how he could actually turn with that cape :ermm:

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thanks for sharing the link, Pas de quoi, very cool! I haven't see that before. Also, thanks for pointing out that pink tights are not required. That ship has sailed ;). I layered lots of black. As i feel better about myself, i'll go crazy and maybe add a leotard in an interesting color. Or, as inspired by Royal Ballet, maybe a nice down vest lol!


Tomorrow is class number 2. Hopefully will not hurt as bad as last week's did. ;)

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In our adult ballet beginner class, we mostly all wear leotards and pink tights, and the age range is from early 20s to well past 60. Body shapes are quite variable.

We do have the smattering of lululemon yoga outfits, but I would say the average is more in favor of the leo/tights than the yoga outfits. Now, there's the adult uniform of black leo with black footless tights and black slippers that seems to be a favorite, too. In my intermediate class, it's almost strictly some kind of ballet wear, but there are a couple of yoga-ish outfits. And same body shape variability.


What I found interesting is that you would THINK this would be a highly difficult space in which to "dare to bare" in such form-fitting outfits, but I have to say I feel infinitely LESS judged for appearance in ballet class than I ever did at the gym at your standard spin class. People mostly scrutinize themselves and the best dancers are valued as such with very little correlation with body shape. I, personally, utterly envy the balance in pirouettes that one of my intermediate classmates can consistently do. She looks gorgeous and natural, and yet I'm pretty sure she outweighs me by possibly as much as one more me.

For me, personally, I prefer the leotard and tights. It helps me see the aesthetic I'm going for, frankly, and I find it comfortable. I find I dance more "balletic"when I'm in ballet clothing than otherwise.

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NoTwoSnowflakes, can you edit your post to take out all the odd bits of code? It makes it very hard to read!

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