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Nutcracker rehearsals starting late


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With everyone talking about Nutcracker already I was wondering what people thought of this. My 11 yo DD just started this fall at a new studio. They are a small pre pro school, not affiliated with a ballet company. They do an all student Nutcracker that will be in mid December. But, they also have another recital which they call their Fall classic that will be at the end of this month. They don't start any rehearsals for Nutcracker until November. That doesn't seem to me a whole lot of time to rehearse. They don't use class time for rehearsals. If the child will participate, they have once a week rehearsals usually on Saturday.

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I think that it depends. If this is a newer school and they haven't done that many Nutcrackers then I can see how you might be worried. If it's been around for a while and have done Nutcrackers before, I would assume that they know what they are doing and have appropriate choreography and staging for the assigned parts. Also, if this is a big production, your child may only be on stage for 5 minutes so it actually doesn't take very long to learn a part like that. Have you spoken with any of the parents who were there last year about it?

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For our nuts, it honestly depends on the part. Some have already started rehearsing, some aren't even on the calendar yet.

I think last year my dds first rehearsal was nov 5, she had 2 different parts and it all came together just fine. This year she has started rehearsing one part but the other one isn't on the docket yet, and it's one that the scene is obviously going to be changed from the normal just looking at casting. So in short, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure it will all come together and be fabulous!


Eta: we also don't use any class time for rehearsal it's all done outside of class either on weekday evenings (between/after classes or in a pinch the kids cast as certain parts leave their class temporarily and quickly rehearse and go back to class) or weekends.

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I really haven't gotten the chance to meet or talk to any of the other parents yet. I'm sure that they know what they are doing. I was just wondering if anyone else's school has a recital in October. It seems that everyone is already gearing for Nutcracker and we haven't started that yet.

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Our studio has a fall show for the advanced students only. The Nutcracker rehearsals begin in the middle of October. I was actually wondering why my dd had so many rehearsals as her roles are small.


Perhaps your school will add more rehearsal if the show isn't progressing well.

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Rehearsals for the younger students (not company-student company that is) started today but not for everyone. I always worry it's late but it all comes together beautifully. However, our school has been putting the Nutcracker on for decades in this area and a lot of the bigger numbers like Waltz and Snow have basically the same choreography.

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Our studio's rehearsals for Nutcracker begin next weekend, with the highest levels (Sugar Plum and Cavalier, Snow King and Queen and snowflakes). Some roles never begin rehearsing until the first weekend in November. The rehearsals are very efficient, and the show always ends up looking great. I think a lot depends on how the rehearsals go and how they are run.

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The AD is either incredibly well-organized and has a well- oiled performance machine, or they are completely crazy. 6 weeks to rehearse and stage nut with children? I don't know many ADs who would do that AND another performance in the fall.

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Our fall shows are for only for students in our performance class and even within that group it is either advanced students or students who were in the performance group last year. No one else is on stage until Nutcracker. Nutcracker always has separate rehearsals. Class is for technique only until Spring.

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