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Is Professional a possibility?


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Hi everyone! I am 15 and have been dancing for about a year and a half. I am on pointe and two months ago just started attending and arts school with a rigorous dance department, which is the department I am in. We have regular academic classes all day from 9:20 until 2, and then dance from 2 until 4:45. This includes modern DSLT technique, ballet technique and pointe. ( I am en pointe). I am a boarder at this school. I am in the beginner level f this school, but I have already felt myself improving in the two months i have been at this school. I am a sophomore. I am one of the best in the beginner class and have been taking classes with the next level up as well. Also, my teacher also recently suggested that she start teaching me privately, which would be an amazing opportunity that I am going to look into. I love ballet, and I understand how tough the world of it is. So - what I want to know, is, is it possible for me to become a professional? My teachers have told me so, but I would like some opinions! Also - I am working on my flexibilty. Left splits consistently down, and i can do them cold. Right splits recently down, but working on getting them consistent. Center spits OK but I have a goal to get them flat by thanksgiving. Thanks for your advice!!! :)

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It would be lovely if we had a crystal ball and could tell you that you could become a professional dancer, but I'm afraid we can't tell anyone that, especially without seeing them. You are a very late starter, which makes it that much more difficult. You have to be aware that there are very few jobs open in the profession each year, and by the time you might be company ready you would be up against many, many younger dancers who have had years more training. Ultimately, it all comes down to the talent, facility for ballet, work ethic, and both quality and quantity training, and that all only gets you to the point of auditioning. So, the odds are not in your favor, but I won't say that it can't be done. There have been late starters who have made it to professional companies, but they are quite rare.


I believe I mentioned to you before, in another post, that splits are not the criteria for anything, and putting a dead line on when you will "get" them is not a good idea. As I said before, ballet is a long and slow process.

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